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$4.50 Per Roll
It takes 15 rolls to wrap a body

White Body Wraps
All of our wraps are washable and can
be used over and over again.
 This all white wrap is 50% cotton, 50% elastic. This wrap has more elasticity to it than cheaper styles. Firmer and not as soft as the brown wraps. Six Inch Wide, 72 Inches long. All body wraps are washable to be used over and over again.

It takes about 15 wraps to wrap a body. Depending upon how much the person weighs and which wrap technique that you are using. Suggestion: Use the brown wrap next to the skin and use the white one for the second layer to tighten up with.

How to make your wraps last longer:
When preparing the wrap for washing make sure you adhere the closure and crimp it before washing. Wash in very hot water in a low sudsing detergent such as All or Tide brands.  Rinse in cold water at least twice and hang on a rack to dry. Never put ace bandage style wraps in a clothes dryer.